The Nemeth Group is an Australian based group of businesses specializing in hotel management, property development and construction that has been operating since the 1960s.

The current Managing Director, Anthony Nemeth, joined the group in 1998 and has been in his current role since 2010. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Business from The University of Technology Sydney with a focus on finance and political economy.

Anthony has over the years been responsible for all facets of the business and managing all aspects of our projects. Anthony’s expertise lie in project planning and development, feasibility analysis, contract negotiations, day to day project management and materials procurement. Anthony is experienced in working closely with architects, engineers and construction teams and is well-versed in construction methods and materials.


In the 21 years that Anthony has been part of the business, The Nemeth Group owned and managed several hotels in Sydney and undertook numerous residential and commercial developments.

However, in 2010 Anthony decided to take The Nemeth Group in a new direction. Disillusioned with the state of the industry, the proliferation of sub-standard construction, lack of competent urban planning and rise in inequality due to poor housing affordability, The Nemeth Group ceased its operations in residential and commercial property development to pursue a more sustainable and ecologically focused form of development.

The current focus of The Nemeth Group lies 160km south of Sydney in the idyllic Kangaroo Valley. In 2012 The Nemeth Group purchased 200 acres of agricultural land which incorporates sections of critically endangered rainforest.

The aim of stage 1 was to design and build an environmentally sustainable, ecologically sensitive and self-sufficient property employing best practice design principles and construction methods and harnessing 100% renewable energy while conducting large scale native forest regeneration and invasive species eradication.


Stage 1 is complete and it is hoped that over time the property will become a source of education and inspiration to architects, planners and clients alike. Anthony is passionate about harnessing new technologies and principles so as to build in harmony with our natural environment and reduce human impact on our ecosystem.

Stage 2 plans to establish an orchard and productive gardens employing best practice organic farming methods to help reduce our reliance on herbicides and pesticides. It is hoped that this will evolve in to a place of teaching and sharing knowledge and produce with the local community and children who are increasingly removed from the reality of the impact we are having on our environment.

Anthony was fortunate to meet Kanallan’s Founding Director, Quintin Clover, while Quintin was visiting Sydney in 2017 and was intrigued by Kanallan’s model and the work they were doing around the world. After visiting one of Kanallan’s projects in Nepal in 2018 and meeting various stakeholders, Anthony decided that this was a cause that The Nemeth Group could fully support. Anthony now lends his development and construction experience to Kanallan in an advisory capacity as well as The Nemeth Group’s financial support.