Kanallan is a small and efficient company that is free of the costly administrative constraints of large organizations.  We facilitate direct and secure giving to causes that you or your company are passionate about. We work in some of the most remote areas of the world, that have been left behind by NGO and government models. Our projects provide maximum social impact by benefiting entire villages and communities in the long term, with emphasis on healthcare and education for underprivileged and vulnerable children around the world.


With independent client projects, you get to decide who, where and how to give. Click through the presentation below view the process.


How do we make the largest impact possible?

  • We use local teams, creating more jobs along the way

  • We continuously research new areas of need

  • All programs are self sustainable so they keep functioning after we leave

  • We work in places would otherwise be neglected by other forms of aid

  • All communications are direct with the people on the ground, no middle men or subcontractors

  • Aim for long term progress, most of our clients sign for 5+ years so we can commit to larger and more comprehensive programs

  • Trusted relationships with workers, clients and beneficiaries ensures that everyone delivers and is committed


The Typical Charity Business Model

When you donate to a large charity, it can often be difficult to see where your money is actually going, even if it goes towards your cause of choice. Most donations get funneled to the central organization which then decides how to distribute funding.

Large charities can spend up to 60% on overhead fees which allows them to pursue various forms of good work, but it can be hard to see the impact your donation has made. The bureaucracy in charities also ties funding to certain projects or locations so you might not know where your money actually ends up, or to which people it is helping.


The Kanallan Business Model

Thanks to our local teams and partners within our global network, we facilitate projects between you and the beneficiaries directly. Each client gives directly to their cause of choice.

You pay a consulting fee to run the due diligence and research to find a sustainable project that meets your requirements, and then we execute it for you so that your funding will go directly to the location, people and cause that you wish.