I have listed the responsibilities below based upon the Baseline nutrition product, but I see this being added to with female hygiene products and other items as we progress.

Here is what I can begin work on today, please suggest other responsibilities/tasks as you see fit:

  • I take on the responsibly of getting logistics arranged for getting product into the countries, communities and projects where I work. (Helping thousands across Nepal, Tanzania, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and beyond)

  • I propose scale-able options for getting product into as many areas globally with as much impact as possible.

  • I take care of initiating legal work getting product cleared for health and safety and customs.

  • I research options of getting product made in relevant countries and ascertain fiscal benefit of doing so.

  • I run need and impact assessment for product globally.

  • I manage and run due diligence on any project and programme work outside of UK. (You lean on me for any charitable work outside of the UK)

  • I arrange all in country logistics for project change staff visits.

  • I provide all relevant projects content for including media, progress reports and impact reports.

  • I provide quarterly reports to you on work and am available at all times to discuss progress as we go.

I work for my clients on a standard retainer and would like to propose the same arrangement with you of 4,000 EUR PCM. My clients pay me quarterly in advance for my services which seems to work well, but happy to discus different payment schedules.

I can start immediately and am in a position to provide a start date of Feb 1st should this work for you.