Over the next 3 years, 985 girls and 5000 beneficiaries will be reached throughout Nepal for gender equality.

YEAR 1 COMPLETE! Please take a look at our progress.

In March of 2018, we kicked off the Girls Empowerment Program in rural Nepal. Currently violence and discrimination against women is a major problem throughout the country and is compounded by the unequal social and labour relations and existing power structure. This program aims to empower young girls to ensure that they will have the capacity and opportunities to lead a dignified life and future, serving as role models for the rest of women in Nepal.



  • Organize workshops and vocational training for young girls at the local level

  • Provide adequate sport, sanitation and educational amenities to all girls

  • Organize policy dialogues, advocacy and awareness campaigns regarding gender equality and girls empowerment at all levels

  • Uproot social evils like child marriage, sexual harassment, Chhaupadi, etc.


Local Level Initiatives

  • Information collection and documentation to build a measurable framework

  • Mass stake-holder meetings to inform all parties and their role in it

  • Girl friendly toilet construction as this is often why girls stay home from school

  • Menstrual hygiene awareness and sanitary pad distribution in schools

  • Provide scholarships and educational supplies

  • Sports equipment and training for girls

  • Vocational and skills development outside of school curriculum

  • Self defense training, physically, mentally and socially

National Level Activities

  • Policy dialogue and advocacy for gender equality

  • Awareness and campaigning on all media platforms to portray challenges faced by girls and the importance of empowering them

  • Information collection and documentation at a national level to understand the larger picture and create appropriate plans and policies