In collaboration with Indigo Children’s Fund and The Nemeth Group

On December the 13th 2018 we broke ground on a new school wing in Bulingtar, Nepal. The school was very badly damaged in the earthquake of 2015 and has been overlooked by government and international aid agencies ever since.

The children were beginning to go elsewhere to school and the teachers were starting to leave due to the poor working conditions.


The village is in a very remote area that has serious struggles with their economy. We have made agreements with the local government who have formally pledged to improve trade routes in and out of the village to its capital city of Pokhara.

The village is rich in produce such as oranges however lacks any direct way of taking these to market. So in a mutual agreement we are building the school and the government is helping with the economy of the village and ensuring good teachers return with fair salaries.

We are constructing this project with the financial support of Indigo Children’s Fund and The Nemeth Group.

Please check back for regular project progress photos: