Training on Menstrual Health and Hygiene and Reusable Pad Making

A Menstrual health and hygiene training was successfully conducted on December 1st 2018 at the hall of Bhimsen public school. The training was given to peer educators and other girls the nine different community high school girls and the focal teachers of each school.

The participants of the training included 47 girls and women of different age groups ranging from early teens, youths as well as few adults. The training was conducted in the presence of the local journalists from online news portal and radio. The training was facilitated by Mr. Tirtharaj Koirala, Ms. Shreya Thapa and Mr. Sagar Parajuli.

The training was conducted with the objective of enhancing the knowledge and behavioural practices on menstrual health and hygiene of the target group through awareness programs, and to disseminate knowledge and skills on homemade reusable menstrual pad making.


  • The participants were made aware about the myths and taboos surrounding the menstruation and were able to distinguish between the good practices and bad practices during menstruation.

  • The participants were able to distinguish between commercial sanitary pads and homemade reusable menstrual pads on the basis of their cost, comfort, eco-friendly and health effects.

  • The participants learned the way to prepare a homemade reusable menstrual pad on their own and the how to use it properly.

  • The participants were trained to use a simplistic and effective design and also trained to teach it to others 

Sanitary Pads are always so expensive, and using just
clothes feels uncomfortable. I think a lot of other girls can
relate to it. I can’t wait to teach this to other girls at my
— - Sudha Sunar, 15, Peer Educator

Sharing and Discussion Program on Girls Rights and Gender Equality

On the Occasion of Human Rights Day 2018, a Sharing and Discussion Program on Girls Rights and Gender Equality was held in Shree Sakala Devi Secondary School, Devchuli Nawalparasi on 12th December 2018. During the program participants were represented from municipal Education Officer, advisory committee of the girl empowerment project, peer educators, students, teachers, and JCYCN Team. The Program was conducted with the objective of spreading awareness about the Human Rights and child rights specifically on girl’s rights using the platform of International Human Rights Day 2018. The inequality in terms of gender, prevalent in varying scales across the municipality, depending on the topography and settlement. The peer educators expressed the inequalities that they had faced and also expressed the changes that they had found in themselves, after being a part of the GEP. All present in the program expressed their views on the situation of Gender Equality in the Municipality. Mr. Moti Prasad Rijal, the Municipal Education Minister expressed his commitment and enthusiasm to ensure that more budget allocation on education and equitable education.


  • People got to know the importance of celebration of international human rights day

  • A platform was created where student representatives and teacher representatives, along with stakeholders interacted about the status of Gender Equality through specific examples and the progress of GEP was shared.

Monthly Meeting of Peer Educators

The Monthly Meeting of Peer Educators, like every month, was conducted in the first Saturday of every Nepali month considering the feasibility of the peer educators. Only 26 girls were able to participate in the meeting. The reasons for absence was due to health problems and examinations. The points discussed in the meeting included the following:

  • Sharing about the last month activities in their community and school

  • Information about upcoming Exposure visit

  • Planning for next month

  • Sharing the best teachings and challenges

Monthly Meeting through visit

The Monthly Meeting of the peer educators, for the month of December was was also done in schools. The district coordinator met with the girls in groups in the 9 selected schools. The peer educators studying outside of those schools were also called to the same schools. The Primary Agendas were to collect their reports, interact with the SMC representatives and discuss any challenges faced by the girls. The Representatives of the SMC were cooperative and said that the girls were doing really well and the project is very much timely and effectively implemented. The girls were also happy with the support that they were garnering and said that they have not faced any challenge recently.

A four-day residential advocacy training on girls’ empowerment was organized for CSOs. The training started on 29th December and will end on 2nd January 2019. The participation was from 20 different organizations working in Devchuli Municipality on different sectors, totaling to 42 participants, so that Girls Empowerment can be advocated for, as a cross cutting issue in all developmental work. The training was organized with the objective of ensuring that other civil society organizations are also well equipped with adequate advocacy skills so that with a collective effort, the gender gap can be bridged. The training will equip the participants with not only skills on effective advocacy, but also with knowledge on legal provisions and policies that they can base their advocacy on. The four days training was facilitated the senior child rights activist/Associate Prof of Kathmandu School of Law, Mr. Milan Raj Dahrel and Nepal Representative of KANALLAN and policy advocacy /network expert Mr Deepak Prasaad Byshal.

Success Story

Ms. Priya Pun Magar is a peer educator of the Girls Empowerment Project, 18 years of age. She has been a part of this Project since the beginning. This, year, she participated in Ms. Nawalpur Contest, and grabbed the winning title. Energetic, cheerful and an avid lover of dancing, Ms. Pun says that her confidence was boosted by her involvement in the Girls Empowerment Program. After being a part of it, she believed that she could also be a change maker. This led her to challenge herself and believe in herself as a leader. She and her parents both thanked the Girls Empowerment Program and said that they believed it had a lot to do with her personal growth, and her success. Ms. Pun plans to be a Chartered Accountant in the future, continuing her work in Girls Empowerment and wants to be an inspirational figure for other girls.