The charity sector is full of incredible people and great working projects and solutions. We as an organisation firmly believe in the work of many NGOs.  We also see that on occasion money from donors can be swamped by the size of the charity or indeed directed towards areas of running the charity that perhaps are not inline with the general intent of the donor.

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KANALLAN provides donors and charities with access to projects that require direct funding often in very remote areas of the world.  KANALLAN puts the teams in place on the ground, agrees budgets and governmental approval, ensures all project timescales are realistic and is there every step of the way with project management and of course timely reporting back to donors.

Frequently our clients choose to employ our services with private money that has not been accumulated in the name of charity. This means that when they go onto raise money it is possible to state that 100% of all funds raised will be spent directly on their projects, this has proved to be a unique and very appealing prospect for donors.

The word KANALLAN when translated from a little known dialect of the indigenous language of Quechua spoken in the high Andean communities of South America means RIGHT NOW.   We believe in providing our clients with everything required to give money in the right way; directly, precisely and effectively.

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